Dec 27 2011

A few month ago, I got asked to come up with some animations for the upcomming documentry
«DAIKU | 10000 Japaner singen Beethovens Neunte»
(aired 31.12.2011 on ARTE and until 06.01.2012 on ARTE+7)

They needed a maintitle and graphics within the movie.

Friedemann Hottenbacher, the director of the piece, showed me the beautiful work of Mr. Malinowski as his key inspiration for the graphics. Malinowski developed the Music Animation Machine that visualize any midi clip as a beautiful and abstract notational sytsems.

Thinking of Japan and Osaka, big cityies as well as tradition came to mind. So the result should in a way resemble both while still keeping the esthetics of a notational system.
So I started to program my very own Music Machine based on a simple FFT analysis via processing and played around with shapes and the depth in 3D space.

The final maintitle & credits then also contain the japanese translation of the title within the graphic. And the typo which got added afterwards with After Effects.

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