| APP | heartbeat ONE

May 12 2014

Lately I have been busy building up a new company, heartbeat medical solutions, together with Yannik Schreckenberger & Sebastian Tilch. And now, after 2 long and enduring years, we are financed through private investors and just launched our first product!

heartbeat ONE is a web based software suite, designed for surgeons, to assist the whole process of preparing and documenting therapies. The first module ANA measures therapy outcomes via patient questionnaires. This has been there before but now we get rid of the paper and move the whole process to the tablet. Further we assist with automatic follow ups which are send out via mail directly into the patients mailbox. This is a huge benefit as it results in a much stronger return rate.

Combined with the second module DOK, which is a classic digital surgery  tool, the doctor can see in depth analysis on his or her therapies and its outcomes.

More on our product page (all german though)

Together with my lovely girlfriend Dea Dantas Vögler,  we created the fresh look and feel that works for the brand as well as the software itself.

| INSTALLATION | Mercedes Benz Multipicture

Dec 04 2013

For this years Mercedes Benz Member Conference, organized by the fabulous guys of drehmoment, I was asked if it would be possible that visitors are photographed at the entrance and the picture taken automatically beams into a giant flickering multipicture which would then more and more form the companies’ logo. The event was in three days. Let’s do it, I said.

Contact me if you want an installation like this on your event!

| FULLDOME | Facebook Visualization

May 18 2013

Finally I took the chance to play with the Powerdome at the University of applied sciences Potsdam. It’s a classic 360° planetarium with some high-tech to display live generated content. Perfect for interactive systems. In this semesters course “Immersive Datenvisualisierung” guided by Boris Müller we had the free choice of any data-set we could get our hands on, only premise: make it immersive! 

Inspired by the wolfram alpha facebook report which just came out to that time, I decided to play with facebook data. More precisely: Visualize friend networks.
So this is the result: A mixture between intergalactic journey and data-sculpture.



When I first saw the system working, I was pretty blown away how much
these clusters that began to form, visualized exactly the mental model of groups
of friends I had in my head.


So what happens there technically? Summed up roughly, I extracted my own facebook-friendlist via the app giveMeMyData in a machine readable format and visualized it via processing. More precisely: I created a network node for every friend in my list. Gave every one of them a negative force field, so they will always try to seperate. The second rule applied is: If two friends of mine are mutual friends as well, they will attract each other. These two basic rules form clusters of people that know each other and is known as force directional graph.



In the next step I added a bit more information. I read out the affiliations. These are institutions, mainly schools, that people have been to. The more people went to a place the bigger it is. The place’s position in the network is averaged between the peoples positions. And as expected, the friend clusters have a strong connection to the institutions. Also I realized that these places work like cluster-labels. They make it much easier to connect to this otherwise anonymus friend network because all of the sudden it’s put in context.

Did I mention the whole network is renderend as a three dimensional system!? Thanks to Christopher Warnow, it is even distorted correctly, so the illusion is perfect. It feels like standing in the middle of a giant star-field like network system!

But how to navigate this?

Remember, we are in 360° context. There is no left and right, front or back. In the end I decided to use the iPhone and it’s compass function coupled with a bit of gravity information to mesure the direction pointed. So the user can simply point into a direction and start flying. For this I used the app gyrOSC which is pretty handy for getting these data and transmitting it back to the computer.



The following images are some screenshots taken directly from the app. Luckily I got 10 data sets from friends and followers to play with, so we can actually see a variety of different networks.
Thanx again guys!









Dec 27 2011

A few month ago, I got asked to come up with some animations for the upcomming documentry
«DAIKU | 10000 Japaner singen Beethovens Neunte»
(aired 31.12.2011 on ARTE and until 06.01.2012 on ARTE+7)

They needed a maintitle and graphics within the movie.

Friedemann Hottenbacher, the director of the piece, showed me the beautiful work of Mr. Malinowski as his key inspiration for the graphics. Malinowski developed the Music Animation Machine that visualize any midi clip as a beautiful and abstract notational sytsems.

Thinking of Japan and Osaka, big cityies as well as tradition came to mind. So the result should in a way resemble both while still keeping the esthetics of a notational system.
So I started to program my very own Music Machine based on a simple FFT analysis via processing and played around with shapes and the depth in 3D space.

The final maintitle & credits then also contain the japanese translation of the title within the graphic. And the typo which got added afterwards with After Effects.

| PRINT & APP | Page Magazine Cover Design

Dec 25 2011

Using an iOS application – created especially for the project using openFrameworks – we analyzed and interpreted the data of the iPad’s motion sensors and created a way to generate the cover directly by means of the user‘s movement in space.

read the full story here

| VIDEO | Mignon | Kiss of Death

Sep 28 2011

Another Music Video Shot with Alex. Again for Mignon. Now for her Album release Kiss of Death
This time we had two complete days, and a proper studio at the University of Applied Science Postdam.

Together with Jon-Eric and his fabulos cut out animations & Matanicola playing these lovley creatures, this turned out to be a pretty crasy peace.
All effects are actually IN CAMERA. So no after effects, just the blood splatters later are overlays.
Enjoy the ride!

| Progress | Processing Tests & Accidential Beauty

Sep 13 2011

While working on a bigger projection mapping project for onformative. I made some tests using Processings new GLGraphics library.
I have to say I am overwhelmed by the work that has been done there!

The pictures result from two 8.000 verticy models that get randomized on every frame. While I project a texture onto the “sculpture”.
Meant as pure perfomance test,
I am overwhelmed by the beauty of this growing sculpture.

But it’s just a test, so let’s carry on.

| Video | Caroleen N . Locked In

May 11 2011

Another Music Video made together with Alex, which we just released for Caroleen N.
Shot in one crasy day with budget for 4 lamps and thanx to Travis, Julian & Anna: amazing costumes !

Song produced by Holly’s boy.
Style by Travis Sisk
Feather necklace by Anna Natt
Shoulder black and white Jacket by Julian Wirag.
Shot at sumoneproductions Studios

Thansk to Suki Osman, Virginie Pislot, Dylan Baker and Rosanna Lovell, our technical team!

| INFOGRAFIK | Politikatlas Schulreform & STZ

Mar 29 2011

Ab sofort ist der “Politik Atlas – Schulreform” auch bei der Stuttgarter Zeitung zu finden !



Mar 23 2011

This is a little animated Infografic I made for Nicko Tours as part of an Image Film in 2010, showing the complete list of travel destinations.

The big challenge here was to find a way to show tiny rivers like the “Mosel” as well as the “Nil” on one map.
So I descided to draw the Map and Rivers myself and animate everything via a virtual fly while constantly zooming out and revealing more and more destinations.

view the complete Image-Film.

| THEATRE | IN-ID. live Stream

Mar 16 2011

Today will be the first “work in progress” show at the Café d’Olymp in Paris. Who ever can’t come there is a live stream at www.rueleon.tv at 20:30 | 16.02.2011.

The Piece is about online gaming. So the acteurs will not only play on stage, we will also see them interacting in the virtual world.

My job was to compose a Framework / a Virtual Reality in which the acteurs can control themselves/ their avatar live on stage and actually be able to act in the game. The result is fascinating and scary to the same time.

| PROGRESS | Packing the Snipplets for Paris.

Mar 10 2011

more info on: lapama.net

| VIDEO | Alexander featuring Crystal Tits . Lonesome

Feb 23 2011

One Room. Two lamps. And a fogmashine.
Shot in Berlin for Promo uses.


| VIDEO | Mignon . Scream!

Feb 23 2011

There we are: ALEX & MARC ! First officialy co-directed Music-Video. And many more to come.
Shot at Malzfabrik in Berlin. featuring Kamikaze Britney.

for MIGNONs NEW ALBUM “KISS OF DEATH” RELEASE DATE: April 5th in the USA April 8th in Europe/Australia/New Zealand

More infos on Mignon

| APP | KONKREET PERFORMER finally available via the AppStore

Feb 07 2011

Take me to the App Store, Baby!

| VIDEO | Mark Stewart . Strange Cargo

Feb 05 2011

This is the first Music Video shot together with Alex Forge in 2009.
Finally finished. And more to come.

| PROGRESS | Internet Identity

Jan 27 2011

First pictures of the virtual Reality Game i will develop for a theatre piece with LaPama in Paris.
We just filmed the actors so i can paste the Avatar-Videos now in a Virtual Reality which will completly be remote controlled from stage.

Costumes by Irina Laaja

| PHOTO | Gang Of Brothers

Jan 19 2011

| INFOGRAFIK | Eine Analyse Zu Unschönem Fussball

Nov 12 2010

Warum wurde das Fifa Endspiel von so vielen als “schlechtes spiel” beschimpf!?
Diese Infografik versucht dies analytisch zu beantworten und zeigt eine massive Aufsplitterung des Spiels,
mit kaum längeren Spielpassagen, und die Gründe dafür.

entstanden als kleine Fingerübung im Kurs “Illustrative Infografik” der FH-Potsdam, bei Ole Häntzschel.
Thema: “Ein Fussballspiel”. eine Woche Zeit. A3.

| PROGRESS | Konkreet Performer Preview

Nov 04 2010

After a long year of development, we, KONKREET LABS, which is one of my most passionate projects together with Shai Levy and Gwydion ap Dafydd, are proud to announce a first public demo of the KONKREET PERFORMER.

It is a control instrument for live music performance.
Its unique and intuitive multi-touch interface reconnects the musician’s
actions directly with the music.

Taking full advantage of the possibilities created by the latest multi-touch technology,
Konkreet Performer delivers a revolutionary new way to control your DAWs,
synthesizers, samplers (anything that receives MIDI/OSC).

More than a studio controller,
Konkreet Performer has been designed from the ground up to be a superior live performance instrument,
bringing the dynamic audio and visual connection between the musician and the audience to the stage.

It will be released as an iOS App at the beginning of 2011.

| INFOGRAFIK | Politikatlas Schulreform

Oct 09 2010

Der Politikatlas Schulreform ist endlich online! Unter Leitung von Maximilian Steinbeis und in Zusammenarbeit mit Karen Hentschel und Pierre La Baume haben wir das letzte halbe Jahr damit verbracht, eine Interaktive Infografik rund um das Deutsche Schulsystem zusammenzuschrauben. Ein hartes Stück Arbeit. Aber es hat sich gelohnt!

“Selten habe ich ein derart gut konzipiertes Interface gesehen, wenn überhaupt zuvor.”

“Die Qualität der Infografiken ist wirklich beeindruckend – selten (bzw. eigentlich noch nie) etwas derartiges im Bildungsbereich gesehen.”

Wie bringen wir unseren Kindern besser das Lernen bei? Ist es richtig, sie in verschiedene Schularten zu sortieren? Und wenn ja, in welchem Alter? Was wird aus der Hauptschule? Und was aus den Gymnasien?

2011 wird in sechs Ländern gewählt. Wahlkampfthema Nr. 1 wird überall das Thema Schulreform sein.

Die Fragen sind überall die gleichen. Die Antworten nicht: Die 16 Bundesländer setzen auf ganz unterschiedliche Modelle.


| PROGRESS | Beauty & Failure

Oct 06 2010

while working on the ZPYZ show, something went wrong in the patch.
i call it the beauty of failure

Quartz Composer / VDMX

| VISUALS | ZPYZ – sneak peak

Sep 21 2010

currently workin on the visuals for the upcomming ZPYZ tour.
as usual, all generative, life reactive on the sound but this time via VDMX and QuartzComposer.

| Infografic | The Afghan Conflict – A Map of Possible Scenarios

Apr 15 2010

work in collaboration with Karen Hentschel and Pierre la Baume.

it’s a 164 x 90cm digitalprint displaying possible future scenarios around the afghan conflict that might take place in order to give an better overview on this very complex problem.

view the whole thing via: www.theafghanconflict.de

| Visuals | Mesh Distortion

Mar 26 2010

added a new visual to the set. made with a modification of the mesh.class from the this very useful book: generative-gestaltung.de all coded and completly live generated, fft analysis. as part of a bigger midi controllable vj setup.

made with processing.org